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 Welcome to my web site for composing and sound work.




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Lin Culbertson is a composer and musician living in New York City.

Musician and composer Lin Culbertson’s experience as an improvisor greatly informs her sound work. Her compositions are comprised of synthesized sounds, field recordings, and conventional instruments, and incorporate aspects of indeterminacy in their arrangement and performance. The influence of her graphic design background is evident in the use of graphic scores and visual translation software to include non-musical elements in the sound creation process. She is a founding member of the improvisational unit WHITE OUT, and has performed and recorded with a wide range of artists including Tom Surgal, Jim O’Rourke, Thurston Moore, Nels Cline, William Winant, Zeena Parkins, Mike Watt, and Ikue Mori among many others.

Lin earned a Bachelor of Music degree in composition from the University of Wisconsin, where her studies focused on Contemporary Composition, Electronic Music Production, Javanese Gamelan Performance, Ethnomusicology, and Studio Art. Additional studies included photography with Roy DeCarava at Hunter College, and graphic design at The School of Visual Arts SVA and Pratt Institute.

Lin's compositions for film and television incorporate her experience synthesizing and manipulating sounds, giving her a very wide palette of styles to draw from. Her eclectic background in a variety of genres can be referenced when creating a musical accompaniment to a film’s visual content. She is able to create everything from lush abstract soundscapes, to Jazz vamps, to electronic/ambient drones, to classical orchestral pieces. Her proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist (voice, keyboards, guitar, flute, and harp) allows her to realize her compositions with a minimum of support.

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Fire Music (in production)
Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict
The Shift Discovery Network
Christopher short film by Jane Gang




Lin Culbertson


Nothing Is…
Submarine Entertainment
Fischio Films
Lucky Rabbit Media
Discovery Network
Babs Reingold (Artist)

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PUNKCAST1506-01 White Out, joined by Samara Lubelski on violin, performing as part of the Red Desert Nights series at Rehab NYC - Jan 30 2009.