White Shred

White Shred


White Shred uses shredded documents containing sensitive personal information as its sole source material. The shredded pieces, derived from financial and health documents, were incorporated in myriad ways and forms. Paper fragments were assembled and glued down on canvas to create a three dimensional score, as well as an instrument to be played and recorded. A photograph of the score was brought into a computer visual/sonic translator and employed to produce an electronic synthesized version. Finally the score was utilized as a source for vocalization by a reading of the text fragments found within its layered surface. White Shred is the product of bringing together information that was once critical, then discarded, then mutilated, and ultimately recycled into a reconstituted sound form: Garbage as music.

The White Shred score was part of the exhibition AFTERSOUND: Frequency, Attack, Return at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University from Aug. 21 – Nov. 22, 2015. AFTERSOUND

White Shred was in the online exhibition of sound art soundPOOL. You can visit the exhibition HERE.

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