DEMOX4 Mute Sound

DEMOX4 is part of MUTE 15: 1 minute autohypnosis sex war noise faith white truth light europe death seed red net jung dollar

Mute Sound has a series of mail-art-sound projects consisting of 60 second recordings. Demox4 is part of the new edition for April 2013. Here is the link to download the album.


60X60 at International Computer Music Conference

60×60 contains 60 works from 60 different composers. Each composition is 60 seconds (or less) in duration sequenced together to create a one hour performance.My 1-minute piece Clinquant Blue will be part of the Scarlet mix performed at the Electronic Music Foundation, ICMC, International Sound Art Festival Berlin, and numerous additional worldwide performances throughout the year. More Info

ALARMING at WPA Experimental Media Series

Since 2006, the Experimental Media Series has showcased the talents of artists working in sound and video art. This year’s selection of finalists’ works will present the leading edge in electronic media works. Performances will be at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Philips Collection, and Maryland Institute of Arts. More Info Download PDF

Alarming is piece of the day for 9/17

Radio Village Nomad has ALARMING as their piece of the day for September 17th.

Radio Village Nomade is a virtual space created to hold the sound experiences of us all.

The aim of this project is to cultivate works out of sounds which were designed without the intent to distinguish themselves from others, sounds that highlight the ever changing moments that make up our collective realities.

Each day's piece will be a "window" into a life and sound world different than our own.